Performing Masculinity

Author: Antony Rowland, Rainer Emig
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2010
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 240
Isbn10 Code: 0230577989
Isbn13 Code: 9780230577985

About the Author RAINER EMIG is Chair of English Literature and Culture at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany. His research interests centre on the link between literature, culture and the media and theories of identity, power, gender and sexuality. His publications include Modernism in Poetry (1995), W.H. Auden: Towards a Postmodern Poetics (1999), and Stereotypes in Contemporary Anglo-German Relations (edited, 2000).ANTONY ROWLAND is Professor of English at the University of Salford, UK. His research interests include memory studies, Holocaust studies, contemporary poetry and masculinity. His publications include Signs of Masculinity (edited, 1999), Choosing Tough Words: The Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy (edited, 2003) and Holocaust Poetry (2005). He has also published a collection of poetry entitled The Land of Green Ginger (2008).

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